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List of Works

Year Size City Type Program
13676 Suzhou Architecture Culture
Shanfeng Academy
1658 Yantai Architecture Library
SEA SQUARE —Seaside Library and Community Service Center
7458 Yantai Architecture Museum
SPACE CRYSTALS —A Digital Space Museum and Experience Center
4962 Yantai Architecture Culture
Sun Tower
70000 Yichang Architecture Culture
Yichang Grand Theater
790 Chengde Architecture Culture
Chapel of Sound
5690 Shanghai Architecture Sport
Pinghe Sports Center
100000 Shenzhen Architecture Culture
The Icebergs and the Sea
66000 Shanghai Architecture Education
School as a Village
5372 Shanghai Architecture Culture
Pinghe Bibliotheater
3350 Yuxi Architecture Culture
Fuxian Lake Art Center
10845 Shanghai Architecture Culture
Tank Shanghai
23542 Shenzhen Architecture Culture
Pingshan Performing Arts Center
12 Beijing Architecture Exhibition
930 Qinhuangdao Architecture Culture
UCCA Dune Art Museum
328 Qinhuangdao Architecture Culture
Sea Art Museum
74000 Chengdu Architecture Residential
Lakeshore Peaks
32510 Shanghai Architecture Culture
15884 Shenzhen Architecture Education
Tsinghua Ocean Center
640 Guangzhou Architecture Mixed-Use
57773 Beijing Architecture Education
Beijing No.4 High School Fangshan Campus
35887 Fuzhou Architecture Residential
Stepped Courtyards
2700 Beidaihe Architecture Education
Gehua Youth and Cultural Center
380 Beijing Interior & Renovation Mixed-Use
Studio X Renovation

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