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Lakeshore Peaks

The Lakeshore Peaks is located at the core of Luxelake Eco-city in Chengdu, down to the south along the city’s central axis. Constructed upon our belief towards eco-friendly future cities and humanist design, OPEN proposed an eco-living settlement with multiple functions and programs.

Mountain City

The layered building geometry follows the complex height limit along the site. Abstracted from the shape of mountains, stepped terraces are created on different levels of the building. Extraordinary natural resources are visible all around, while the terraces have become a new type of landscape themselves. Like mountain-scapes, various-sized spaces together with the exterior gardens are scattered on different levels, all being framed in an anodized aluminum structure, a futuristic language that integrates the artificial with the natural.

Water Town

The building’s section corresponds to the site’s landscape allowing a commercial building front near the water, therefore is to blend into its natural surroundings. 


The porous floor plan creates a human-scale friendly exterior, attracting people to the site, and further to the waterfront. The porousness also guarantees sufficient sunlight and ventilation within the building.

The Lakeshore Peaks presents an innovative way of integrating architecture and nature. It is proposed as OPEN’s statement of the ideal city, devoted to the local community and its residents.

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