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May 2010 Global Times Hybrid Dreams
May 2010 Global Times Hybrid Dreams
Aug 2011 Architectural Record In Beijing, Work Begins on Nature-Inspired School by OPEN architecture
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Oct 2014 Designboom OPEN architecture creates garden-like fangshan high school in beijing
Nov 2015 dezeen OPEN Architecture develops reconfigurable construction system of tessellating hexagons
Jan 2016 Wallpaper OPEN Architecture invents a new building system, meet HEX-SYS
Sep 2016 designboom OPEN Architecture reveals shortlisted proposal for shanghai's pudong art museum
Nov 2015 Arquitectura Viva Open Architecture, commercial offices for Vanke in Guangzhou (China)
Jan 2016 Domus OPEN Architecture: HEX-SYS
May 2015 dezeen OPEN Architeture completes a "free-form" Beijing School Surrounded by Gardens
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Sep 2016 Archdaily OPEN, SANAA, Jean Nouvel & David Chipperfield Shortlisted in Competition for Pudong Art Museum in Shanghai
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Jan 2010 Times Architecture 111 Practice in India Metro Valley Eco-Knowledge City
Jan 2010 Urban Environment Design Red Line Park
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Feb 2008 Wired Skywalker Ranch
Oct 2014 Architectural Review Asia and Pacific 137 Stepped Courtyards
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Aug 2011 北京四中入驻长阳半岛奠基庆典华彩启幕(组图)
Jul 2011 北京四中校领导一行参观深圳万科中心