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Pudong’s Lujiazui, an iconic postcard perfect city center of glittering objects, the triumph of Chinese urban development. It no longer needs more objects to be exciting. It urgently calls for the attention to people’s real need, and the return of nature in the concrete jungle.

Imagine a park that shelters natural inhabitants, including ourselves; We also need art, to enlighten our wondering soul.

Therefore, on the last vacant parcel of land at the tip of Lujiazui, on the axis that connects Oriental Pearl Tower to the People’s Park in the distant old city, we envision Art meets Nature. This was the beginning of a brand new museum concept.

Conventional notion and image of art museum is reinterpreted as multiple layers of interwoven art and nature, forming a unique place that expands horizontally like landforms. This offers a refreshing experience for the museum-goers, and new possibilities for art curators. With multiple ways of circulation between the different programs inside the building, whether you walk up the slow rising stepped ramp, or take the short-cut by escalators through worm-hole like openings, the experience is always alternating between art, social space, garden and forests. The stunning city views have been carefully woven into the visitors’ circulation in and out the building.

Whether looking from faraway or from inside, the art gallery is a park, and the park is filled with art and joy, to celebrate a new beginning of the city where art, nature and humanity merge seamlessly in the new art museum.

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