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Sea Art Space

By a quiet stretch of beach along the coast of Bohai Bay in northern China, OPEN designed an art space that rising out of the sea, like a solitude piece of Rock. A long walkway connects it to the seashore.

The ‘Rock’ is formed by two lines: one perpendicular to the shore; the other perpendicular to the true north; with 15 degrees in between. With Plan geometry identical to the Elevation, it establishes a geometry order in the nature.

Geometry and order, solitude and determination, the Ocean Space of Art is composed by a gallery opening up to the sea, and a hidden studio as artists’ retreat. The walkway linking the ‘Rock’ to the shore, is a path for the pilgrimage of art. This path is only revealed in certain times, with the right tide and the right moment. At high tide, the space can only be accessed by boat.

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