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On the other side of the river bank, facing the old city center of Guangzhou, a small piece of land awaits development. To grow upward with high density, is the pretext. But we do hope, in the sky of the city, everyone still has a piece of land to construct his/her own dreams.

This is a colony of Cubes with sky-gardens. Stacked modular cubes, measured 9 meters and 18 meters, can be subdivided internally to accommodate lofts of different sizes, and be adaptable to individual needs. Cubes are shifted in different directions, resulting in lots of sky gardens.

This colony of Cubes is connected by a tree-like infrastructure which contains vertical and horizontal circulation as well as the building’s mechanical systems. It also connects the ground floor commercial area and public spaces with the roof top club house.

The façade of the Cubes is made of double layer curtain wall system. The outer screen layer allows natural ventilation while effectively shades the building from the scorching southern sun. At the same time, the façade maintains controlled appearance while allowing flexibility in functions and sub-divisions for the internal spaces.

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