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Energy Center, Shenzhen, China, 2012

The Energy Center is located at the east of the core area of Xili University Town, adjacent to the University City Library and Peking University HSBC School of Business. It is a landmark of the University Town at its south gate, occupying a land area of 7222 square meters.

The Energy Center’s building form started from the prototype of thin slab which takes most advantage of natured light and ventilation. But due to the constrain of the site, the buildings adapted to a bended thin slab enclosing an outdoor central courtyard. This courtyard does not only help to bring light and ventilation, but it also organizes public spaces throughout the building around this central void.

The Energy Center includes two bases, the Energy and Environmental Innovation Base and New Photoelectric Innovation Base. They are vertically composed together, with air gardens in between, as the public space for academic exchanges and activities. The two centers are independent of each other, but also share a lot of resources in terms of space use. In each discipline with the two research bases are designed with a sky garden. The whole building has total 13 sky gardens, which make the building volume very porous, a characteristic best suitable for ventilating and sun shading in the given climate. These outdoor spaces not only provide fresh and pleasant green spaces for daily activities and communications, but also for possible expansion of the laboratory building in the future.


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Shenzhen, China
Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University


Principal in charge:
Li Hu
Project Team:
Chen Chen
Qi Zhengdong
Joshua Parker
Ge Ruishi
Li Qiang
Zhou Tingting