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Lagos Oceanfront Resort, Lagos, Nigeria, 2010 - 2011

OPEN’s concept for the Lagos Hotel reinvents the typical hotel typology by melding the functional logic of a cruise ship with the cultural subjectivities of Lagos’ unique urban condition. Like the Queen Mary II cruise ship, the hotel is a narrow, floating city which provides ‘something for everyone’. More varied and socially rich public functions were incorporated in the hotel, and articulated around a cannon like open volume centralized across the building. This large aperture frames the view of the ocean by day and glows vividly at night advertising itself through the architecture, and serving as a landmark of Lagos.

A New Horizon: An elevated deck was created to establish a new ground. Hotel rises above this new horizon. The deck preserves the view to the ocean even with future development on adjacent sites and makes the building against Tsunamis. Housed beneath the deck are services, parking, and larger programs such as shopping and conference centers. The deck surface organizes fun, outdoor activities like a water-park, golf, tennis, and basketball.


2010 - 2011
Lagos, Nigeria
not disclosed


Principal in charge:
Li Hu
Huang Wenjing
Project Team:
Chaitanya Prasad
Zhou Tingting
Marc Maxey
Benjamin Pollak
Flavia Benec
Li Mengyi