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Metro Valley, New Dehli, India, 2008

Eco-Knowledge City is one city and many cities at the same time. Eco-Knowledge City weaves these different cities into one synthetic whole. Its agenda set for the future, its root grounded in the culture, Eco-Knowledge City aspires to high ideals that are not predicated on superficial extravaganza.

The parallel city is made of two linear cities stacked up vertically, the City of Processing Area and the City of Non-processing Area. The former floats above and is accessible from the high point of the site. While the latter occupies the entire undulating ground and is accessible to everyone. With its vibrant and comprehensive programs, the lower city ‘supports’ the city above, functionally and structurally, while fulfilling the SEZ requirement of a clear separation.


New Dehli, India
Metro Valley Business Park
Design Development


Principal in charge:
Li Hu
Huang Wenjing
Project Architect:
Chaitanya Prasad
Project Team:
Yu Qingbo
Zhou Tingting
Jagadeesh Taluri
Julia Tan Mok
Wang Jianling
Li Hongyuan


Mechanical Engineer:
Sterling India
Environmental Consultant:
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Environmental Energy Technologies Division
Tsinghua University
Structural Engineer:
China Academy of Building Research