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Net Dragon Campus Masterplan, Changle, China, 2009

The project is situated on a stretch of virgin beach by the East China Sea. The client, Netdragon Websoft Inc., one of the biggest online gaming companies of China, wanted to develop the site into their new headquarters that include the R&D center, Dormitories, Hotels, Villas and some entertainment facilities.

To take full advantage of the stunning natural beauty of the beach, and to preserve the already battered coastal forests which is the key factor of protecting the coastal land from the ocean, OPEN proposes to build the new campus scattered among the forests, mostly on spots where trees were already destroyed for fish farms and other functions. A meandering pathway through the forests links the different program components together. Each of the program function is designed with high density and efficiency to minimize the footprints thus impact on nature while maximizing the natural landscape.

This master plan is an experiment on the delicate balance between development and preservation of nature.


Inspired by natural beehives which are perfect creations mathematically and structurally, BEEHIVE was conceived as a prototype for dormitories or boutique hotels. The hexagon...


The project was to design a new headquarters on a virgin beachfront site for Netdragon Websoft, one of the top online gaming companies in China. The creative nature and the...


Treehouse in leaf-shape of groups of three to five, similar yet different, are scattered in between the gaps among the beach-side forest connected by an elevated pedestrian...


At the virgin beach front area where Min River meets the Pacific Ocean, and adjacent to Fuzhou Changle Airport, Netdragon Websoft Company’s new headquarters building is...


Changle, China
Planning & Strategy
Netdragon Websoft Inc.
Schematic Design


Principal in charge:
Li Hu
Huang Wenjing
Project Team:
Lu Chen
Zhou Tingting
Julia Mok
Yu Qingbo
Sun Yuan
Wang Tao


Artistic Consultant:
Lei Lei / Ray Art
Nick Art