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Exhibition Pavilion, Baotou, China, 2010

Serving as the exhibition center in the Baotou CBD project, this is the first building to be built in the new mega city. The site is inside a 100-meter wide green zone planned along a major city boulevard. The client’s program had called for a temporary building as the sale office for the CBD project. As a critique to the normal ‘green zone’ which helps to decorate maps but serves little use to city residents, and as a rethinking of the after uses for sales buildings, OPEN proposed to develop this building into a multifunctional exhibition venue which can adapt to different use over time. The form of the architecture is to be integrated with the landscape and the surrounding trees, while the building literally ‘grows’ up from the ground. The exhibition center will bring people into nature, and culture into landscape.

The idea for the form of the building came from the central plaza of the new CBD – an urban public space held up by a “floating blanket” which gently slopes down in the middle and rises up on the periphery. Commercial spaces were tucked under the floating public plaza. To cut a slice from this floating plaza and place it in the green belt would be the form of the exhibition center. In a way, the exhibition center was a “full scale mock up” of the most ambitious public space in the new CBD.


Baotou, China
MCC Baotou Real Estate


Principal in charge:
Li Hu
Project Architect:
Scott Craven (Design Phase)
Yu Qingbo (Construction Phase)
Project Team:
Lu Chen
Julia Mok
Benjamin Pollak
Joshua Parker


Associated Architects:
Honest Architecture
Structural Engineer:
Mechanical Engineer:
CCDI Beijing
Curtainwall Consultant:
Yuanda Curtainwall