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Redline Park Urban Research & Design, Beijing, China, 2008 - 2009

While witnessing the great changes happen rapidly in urban China today, we have also observed some significant and even alarming problems from our unique angle as both insiders and outsiders of this fast forwarding society. Not the least of which, the severe shortage of inhabitable public spaces in the city.

Through Red-Line Park project, we aim to call upon the attention of design professionals, public agencies, as well as ordinary citizens about the urgency of creating inhabitable public spaces in Chinese cities. The hidden agenda though, is to initiate the much needed debate in a society that accepts WALLS as both the physical and the psychological construct without question. The divide between the private and the public urgently needs to be reexamined. In a time of rapid urbanization and globalization, close-door and inward looking mentality is no longer viable. Ultimately the challenge we all ought to face is how to find sustainable ways of living collectively in our societies of finite resources.


This project is adapted for 2009 SZHK biennale from an urban research project titled Red Line Park. It is NOT to be viewed as articulated constructs or designer objects of some...


2008 - 2009
Beijing, China
Planning & Strategy


Principal in charge:
Li Hu
Huang Wenjing
Project Architect:
Julia Ting Yan Mok
Design Team:
Yu Qingbo
Li Hongyuan
Wang Jue
Xie Ying


Artistic advisor & Illustrator:
Lei Lei