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Urban Void, Hong Kong, China, 2007

The world today prevails with profit-driven acts – they influence what we do, how we think. Increasingly, there is less and less idealism, thinking, and dedication to activities and efforts that do not generate any profit, but crucial for the advance of human-kind – be it part of science, poetry, art or politics. These activities are poorly funded (or not funded in most cases) and increasingly disappearing from urban centers, and thus public focus. The PNP project investigates an alternative urban development strategy and policy which links the profit-driven real estate development with the missing dimension of our society, the not-for-profit works. The Urban Void project takes North Point as a testing ground for this policy. The policy will require a portion of the profit from the development and operation of the site to be used for the construction and operation of the space for the not-for-profit.


Hong Kong, China
Planning & Strategy
Hong Kong Biennale, 2008