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Museum Disappearance Project

OPEN’s Exhibition design for the Shanghai Project @ Himalaya Museum


This project is an experiment to break down the spatial barriers from conventional museum structure between the artwork and artwork, and between the art and the public, thus establishing a new kind of relationship between arts, in this case, the Projects, and between the Projects and the Public.

By darkening out, the compartmentalization recedes, and free flow of space emerges with no hierarchical or categorical order, and this dark space becomes the container for the glowing Projects to flow within, like constellation within the universe. This bring the focus and autonomy to each individual Projects. Equally each shanghai project visitor also glows with their own tags, their presence moving around and interaction with the projects are mapped out and projected onto the new media wall at the central piazza space, former atrium of the museum. This space as the central public space showcase simultaneous all the projects in real-time feed of their presence and the public around it. Wechat discussions from the visitors are also broadcasted in real-time onto the piazza wall. Here the virtual and the physical discussion between the researchers and public, and among the general public, form the most important arena for social interaction.

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