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As an unavoidable consequence of the global urbanization, cities became a hostile environment for most of its inhabitants. Rather than being a place of communication, appropriation and production, public places are transformed into an arena where people struggle to survive: due to the increasing number of the urban population, it is more and more difficult to provide all the necessary services to everyone.

For people that live in these cities deprived of joy, we propose a new kind of services: a web of mobile stations, moving through the city, bringing directly to the people the missing activities. Made of re-used vehicles of different scales, these Mobile Joy Stations will stop by the sidewalk of each neighborhood and create a temporary shelter for a joyful experience by deploying their flexible architecture.

Inspired by the “municipal public services buildings” that can be found in many countries, these moving community centers will be operated with nominal cost and without the need of land acquisition. In a relatively short time, the network will cover the whole city and bring back the public space to its main purpose: giving the joy that any citizen needs to live.

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