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OPEN State Exhibition

OPEN State is a micro-exhibition about the state of work and thoughts by OPEN Architecture. 16 projects from OPEN’s work of the recent few years are included in this exhibit, some built or will be built, others rejected or speculative, they are presented in the upper and lower lines respectively along the time-line. Each project is intentionally presented with reduced information, focusing on the concept and strategies embedded, the very important yet less tangible aspect in architectural projects.

A consistent agenda manifests itself in different forms in all the selected works, which is the effort of creatively crafting joyful urban spaces for the masses within each unique social / urban / programmatic circumstance, where people are better connected with each other and with nature.

The public realm for the masses demands urgent attention. It is more relevant than ever in today’s urban and social context in much of the developing world, especially in China, where OPEN’s practice is situated in. Against a background of ultra speed urban development and a severe lack of joyful public spaces, OPEN has been actively seeking strategies that tackle these problems with each opportunity we have. Architecture is our vehicle as architects to respond to the challenges of our time.

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