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Ordos Bubble, Ordos, China, 2009 - 2010

In a world of economic uncertainty and rapid change, this project situates itself between two paradigms, growth fueled by fast money and the inevitability of market collapse. How can architects engage in sky rocketing real estate development while remaining socially and environmentally responsible?

This project re-envisions building practice in the context of the environmental and economic challenges we face today in an attempt to establish a new kind of architecture that creates the maximum collective efficiency and happiness with the minimum resources and environmental impact. Once built, the dome will become a destination for the people of the 20+10 complex and Ordos residents beyond; a place to celebrate, to socialize, and to show-case the possibility of future space in the new century. But what happens when the coal runs out?

Per capita, Ordos is one of the wealthiest areas in China because of its coal reserves, but this mono-industry is not sustainable. The 20+10 Dome engages in the present condition of Ordos while simultaneously anticipating its inevitable end. The project is conceived in two parts: a bio-skin shell and a micro-polis.


2009 - 2010
Ordos, China
Ordos Dongsheng Municipal Planning Department
Schematic Design


Principal in charge:
Li Hu
Project Architect:
Marc Maxey
Project Team:
Daijiro Nakayama
Flavia Benec
Shen Hongliang


Structural Consultant:
Xiao Congzhen / CABR