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OPEN’s project HEX-SYS has been selected as one of the Best 2015 by Archilovers, “as it upholds our high standards for aesthetics, functionality and creativity”. It is one of the most 'loved' out of the 50,000 projects published on Archilovers website last year.

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OPEN’s first book “OPEN ReAction” was published by China Architecture & Building Press. This book belongs to the Chinese Architecture Book Series II. By inserting 6 ideas between 7 realized projects of OPEN, we would like to make a manifesto of the basic attitude and starting point of OPEN’s practice in this book.

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Architectural Record featured "Schools of the 21st Century" in its first issue of 2015. Beijing No.4 High School Fangshan Campus(also called "Garden School"), was selected as the cover image of the print magazine.

Architectural Record says: A microcosm of the world’s most architecturally significant K-12 schools, RECORD’s annual review looks at recent projects that exemplify good design as a crucial component in a school’s programmatic development. From an inner-city grade school in New York and a bucolic one on Washington’s Bainbridge Island, to a progressive high school for 1,200 students in Beijing, each demonstrates the value that thoughtful and sustainable architecture can have for the well-being of a community and the education of its children.

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Li Hu and Huang Wenjing, founding partners of OPEN, were selected as one of "50 Under 50: Innovators of the 21st Century". OPEN's works will be included in the book to be published by The Images Publishing Group (IMAGES) in 2015.

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ICON asked a dozen experts and practitioners to nominate the people they think they are, in some way, shaping the future. It is a snapshot that shows how young designers and architects are pushing the boundaries of their disciplines and trying to change the world. Li Hu was the only Chinese architect on the list.

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