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Recent News

OPEN’s Chapel of Sound, a unique semi-outdoor concert hall in northern China, has been awarded a Citation in the 66th annual Progressive Architecture (P/A) Awards. One of the foremost accolades for creative practice in North America, the P/A Awards recognize and celebrate innovative ongoing work, contractually scheduled to be built, whose design excellence promotes new thinking in the field of architecture.

Recently, LI Hu received the ANNUAL DESIGNER award at a ceremony held by ART POWER 100 and DESIGN POWER 100 at the Guantang Gallery in Beijing. One of OPEN’s newest projects, the UCCA Dune Art Museum, was also selected for the 2018 DESIGN POWER Top 100 list. As one of the most influential and credible awards in arts and design field in China, DESIGN POWER 100 lists summarize significant progresses made by Chinese artists and designers of the year, and crucial figures who made particular contributions to the industry.

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